Monday, 31 May 2010

Sex and the city – Sex og singelliv

Brain dead entertainment. 40 years old women who behave like chicks, so this concept is definitely not meant for me. However, the execution of the movie in terms of production values was good, so this improves the rating. Without this, the movie has been disastrous boring.

Rating: 3/4 of 6

Tropa De Elite

Relatively all right Brasilian action movie. I actually had higher expectations for this one..

Rating: 3/4

Iron Man

Surprisingly cool action flick.

Rating: 5 of 6

Mammoth / Mammut

All right drama, made by Lukas Moodysson who has also made Lilya 4-Ever and Fucking Åmål (Show Me Love). I found this movie somehow depressing, and there aren’t every day you are ready to watch such kind of movies. Or probably I don’t like such movies anymore..?

Rating: 3 of 6

Star Trek

Surprisingly cool science fiction action movie based on the classical series.

Rating: 5 of 6

De Dana Dan

Time pass comedy with some hilarious moments. Priyadarshan is the director, and he tend to be too repetitive and this movie confirms it again.

Rating: 4 of 6

Revolutionary Road

A little bit boring drama. The movie has actually received good reviews, but for me the story was irrelevant which is about a relationship which is on its way to be broken.

Rating: 3 of 6

Monday, 3 May 2010

My name is Khan

The latest adventure from Karan Johar, Shahrukh Khan (SRK) and Kajol. SRK plays a role of autism, which is one of his better performances. The story deals around 9/11 attacks and its effects on desis in USA. I think the movie is too lengthy, and the climax is too filmy and larger-than-life. I’ve expected something different from this kind of movie with such serious topics. Several portions of the movie are simply gripping which tells us that the movie is well made with a good script. But the length of the movie drags it somehow down.

Rating: 4/5 of 6


Time pass Norwegian movie about an up-and-coming finance/stock broker. The movie tries to describe the finance business set in Stavanger and probably inspired by the movie Wall Street. Unfortunately, the script is too weak, and it focuses too much on the drama element (as many other Norwegian movies) which creates boredom.

Rating: 3 of 6

The Kite Runner

Nice and touching movie, which is based on the novel with same title. I actually liked the movie better than the novel, probably because the movie didn’t focus too much on the political side of the story.

Rating: 4/5 of 6