Thursday, 30 April 2009

Charlie Wilson's War

What a great movie! I didn’t knew into details what it was about before I started to watch it. It’s about the American involvement in the war between Afghanistan and Soviet during the 70’s. An engaged woman, (Julia Roberts), let kongressmann Charlie Wilson visit Afghanistan and see the brutalities the Soviets are doing. This motivates Charlie to help Afghanis by help from Pakistan and Zia Ul-Haq. Om Puri plays the role of Zia Ul-Haq which is a funny part.

It’s a funny movie, and reminds of Three Kings which also was a funny war movie. The difference lies in that Charlie Wilson's War is more a portray of Charlie Wilson and his involvement in this case, which helped to change the history which later lead to the fall of Soviet Union.

Rating: 5 of 6

Barah Aana

All right entertainment. Actually!

Rating: 4 of 6


All right drama, directed by Nandita Das who has acted in several art movies and is now trying her hands with direction. The movie is about people going through an unstable situation during riots. Some are justifying the brutality and some have their own inner demons to take care of or regrets. As the tagline says, a work of fiction based on a thousand true stories.

The movie has won several awards on various festivals. Probably it isn’t according to my taste which affects the rating.

Rating: 4 of 6

Nynnes Dagbok (Nynne)

Relatively boring movie, which is kind of Danish Bridget Jones. We meet a hopeless female character who is desperate for love and her ex-boyfriend. British humour with Bridget Jones works better than this version!

Rating: 3/2 of 6

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Hannibal Rising – Onskapen våkner

Time pass thriller. The movie is a prequel, and tells the story of how the legendary Hannibal character became the way he is, and brings us back to his childhood during World War 2.

Rating: 3 of 6

Aa Dekhen Zara

All right time pass action thriller.

Rating: 3 of 6

Rab ne Bana di Jodi

All right movie, and it’s too filmy which Aditya Chopra movies tend to be. In other worlds, it’s a romantic cliché movie in a traditional YashRaj manner. The script is also loose.

Rating: 4 of 6


All right action horror / thriller. The movie is largely inspired by Blair Witch Project, and the difference lies in that this time the story is taking place in New York where a Godzilla kind of monster has arrived. The watching experience is pretty much the same as in Blair Witch Project showing a claustrophobic atmosphere, where everything is going to hell. To show this, you’ll see an orgy of CGI effects.

The movie offers an all right interesting experience, and can be worth a watch.

In the making of material, some of the makers said that this movie is introducing new technique of movie making which will inspire the new generation of movie makers and with particular reference to use handheld and shaking camera. Well, this should be regarded as an overstatement. The hand held camera technique has been used in various movies, so this is nothing new in itself. In addition, the concept is also used in Blair Witch Project earlier, so this statement should be nothing more than as embarrassing.

Rating: 4 of 6

Friday, 17 April 2009


Time pass drama thriller. The reason for why I watched it was its exciting trailer. But as many other movies, the trailers seem to far better than the movie itself, which also was the case here.

The movie consists of too much drama, which gives a boring experience. In addition, Ryan Gosling as deputy district attorney is a disastrous affair. The guy has overacted in this role, and is simply irritating.

Rating: 3 of 6

The Wire – Season 2

Interesting crime series. It used some time (1-2 discs) to pick up the speed, and when it was on, the season was good entertainment, just like the previous season. Actually, it was a disappointment that it ended in its best, and I wanted to continue with next season right after.

Rating: 5 of 6

Lønsj / Cold Lunch

Actually a boring movie with a boring story. But the acting and character interpretation wasn’t that bad and some of the (tragic) characters leave you with some thoughts. Particularly Aksel Hennie’s character as a failed west side boy and Pia Tjelta as a dedicated house wife.

Rating: 2/3 av 6

Arr i Sjelen / Wire in the Blood / Mord i Sinnet – Season 4

Interesting series, but the episodes tend to be too similar to the previous ones and the season begins to somehow lack the overall story evolvement. Still, each of the episodes themselves is interesting.

Rating: 5 of 6

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Funny drama movie till the climax, where it got slightly less interesting.

Rating: 4/3 of 6

Fast & Furious (4)

Good action entertainment like the previous movies, but don’t expect any exceptional and sophisticated story.

Rating: 5/4 of 6

Ek - The Power of One

All right action movie, but the story reminds me of Badal where Bobby Deol acted in a similar role.

Rating: 4 of 6

24 - Season 6

This season is average entertainment, and tends to be too repetitive compared to previous seasons. The story and the concepts are pretty much the same as earlier. And the terrorists are off course good old classical like Muslims, Russians, etc etc. Since it lacks innovation in the story, where the previous seasons succeeded in providing something new in every season, this will be regarded as the worst season till date, but still all right entertainment.

Rating: 5/4 of 6