Wednesday, 22 April 2009


All right action horror / thriller. The movie is largely inspired by Blair Witch Project, and the difference lies in that this time the story is taking place in New York where a Godzilla kind of monster has arrived. The watching experience is pretty much the same as in Blair Witch Project showing a claustrophobic atmosphere, where everything is going to hell. To show this, you’ll see an orgy of CGI effects.

The movie offers an all right interesting experience, and can be worth a watch.

In the making of material, some of the makers said that this movie is introducing new technique of movie making which will inspire the new generation of movie makers and with particular reference to use handheld and shaking camera. Well, this should be regarded as an overstatement. The hand held camera technique has been used in various movies, so this is nothing new in itself. In addition, the concept is also used in Blair Witch Project earlier, so this statement should be nothing more than as embarrassing.

Rating: 4 of 6


Mmm said...

Ganske enig. Tror jeg ga denne en 3'er. Ikke veldig bra film. Slitsom kameraføring. Håndholdt kamera er vel ikke akkurat revolusjonerende nei, snarere oppbrukt!

Adeal said...

Ikke sant. Dette var litt skuffende fra J.J. Abrams, men samtidig så har jeg egentlig ikke store forventninger fra den fyren.