Sunday, 30 September 2007

Nanhe Jaisalmer

Nice and touching movie about a boy who is diehard fan of Bobby Deol. He believes that one day, Bobby Deol will come to meet him. One day, Bobby Deol actually comes and meets the boy. The story deals around what kind of changes the boy experiences after meeting his favourite star. The story is well told and Dwij Yadav who is playing the young boy has done a good job.

The songs are disastrous and put into movie without reason. It is Himesh Reshammiya who is the music director, and it seems like that he was too busy with his movie Aap Ka Surorr, and therefore he hasn’t given any decent chart buster lately. However, the background score was fine.

Rating: 5 of 6

Sunday, 23 September 2007


Dhamaal is an OK comedy film. Actually, it is a family movie, which you can watch with your children or parents without thinking about to skip to next scene when there is unsuitable scene on the screen. This is partly because there is almost no girl in the movie, and consequently no use of rude humour. There is only one song in the beginning of the movie, which some will find unstuitable. Elsewhere, it's a family movie. This doesn’t happen so often nowadays.

Having said this, for us “gande log”, who are used to watch movies which are not suitable for children or un-family films, this movie can be too average. In addition, it is copied or inspired from the English movie Rat Race with Mr. Beans characters. This isn’t a plus at all.

Rating: 4 of 6

Sunday, 16 September 2007


Dhokha has an interesting topic and good story, but the movie isn’t perfectly executed. That was probably the reason for the disastrous destiny at the box office.

The music is boring, and some of the background score is stolen from Maqbool.

Rating: 4 of 6

Presidentens Valg

Interesting criminal novel. This the third novel in the series where Inger Johanne Vik og Yngvar Stubø are the main characters. This time, the author has also included Hanne Wilhelmsen in the story as well, which I didn’t like. Actually, I am tired of the latter mentioned character, and therefore quit reading books where she is the main characters.

Elsewhere, the writing technique is good, and the book has high page turner factor. Actually, it reminded of the first book in this series, What Is Mine (Det somer mitt), but as mentioned earlier, the reintroduction of Hanne Wilhelmsen irritated me, so What is Mine is still a better novel than this one.

Rating: 5/4 of 6

Monday, 10 September 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

Yes yes yes, finally, we got the third movie in the Bourne-series set up at cinema here. And just imagine how excited I was to watch it. (Just for info, the previous two movies in the series are among my favourite movies). The movie was just like as expected. Loaded with good action and suspense thriller. And the background score was again excellent, which is based on the theme of the previous movies.

I must say that the first movie was fuller of story progress than the last two movies. Both the second and third could possibly been one movie. Seen from other point of view, if you have two movies instead of one, there is more fun to watch.

There has been used hand held camera in the movie, and I think that this can be irritating sometime.

Rating: 6/5 of 6

Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag

Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) has given us lots of good movies which are directed by himself. These include both superhits and flops as well. But this time, he has broken his own record by making such a lose, bakwas, nonsense and useless movie. I just can’t imagine how he can make something like this. There was no RGV magic in his movie, and it lack the entire atmosphere which his movies are known for. In addition, it doesn’t help that it is a “remix” of sholay. Sholay is a classical movie, which I still haven’t seen, but I think it is much better than Aag.

The music is just so bakwas and horrifying. If you still want to watch this movie, just remember to have some ear protection available.

The only lightening point was the acting of Amitabh Bachchan and the cinematography.

Rating: 1 of 6

Life in a... Metro

Metro is directed by Anurag Basu, who has also made hit movies like Murder and Gangster. This time, the characters in the movie are based in a so-called metro with their hectic and urban lifestyle. The story deals around their day to day challenges and intrigues, and I think the topic is handled well. However, the end wasn’t as good as the rest of movie, and it fall into the trap of using some typical clichés from Bollywood. Otherwise, there were good performances by almost of the actors.

Rating: 5/4 of 6

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Miller´s Crossing

This mafia movie isn’t exactly a Godfather or Goodfellas, but just OK and time pass.

Rating: 4/3 of 6

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Khuda Kay Liye - In the Name of God

The Pakistani film industry is screwed up (just for info for those of you who don’t know that). “Khuda Kay Liye” is an attempt to rescue the rest of the industry, which I think is a very good contribution to this sake. The movie deals with topics about today’s Pakistan and Pakistanis abroad. Not only this, but also about their varying views between fundamental and liberal beliefs about Islam. I think these topics are very relevant today, and therefore every Muslim and Pakistani should watch this movie. I don’t mean that this movie is an answer for those questions we may ask our self, but just an inspiration to find those answers.

The director of the movie, Shoaib Mansoor, has produced a number of classical TV series. In the movie, you can observe that there have been used same techniques to create drama atmosphere.

The movie has fresh music, which is mixture of traditional Pakistani and western music.

Rating: 4/5 of 6

Heyy Babyy

Funny movie, but in line with many other movies being produced today, the most important scenes in terms of action or fun are being shown in the trailers. So what’s the point to use time on watching the “rest” of movie, which isn’t as cool as the trailers? I’ve seen a number of movies lately where the highlights are shown in the trailers, which gives reduced experience when watching because the expectations are sky high after watching the trailers.

Rating: 4/5 of 6


The French movie Taxi is a charming funny movie loaded with car action. The producer, Luc Beson, made a Hollywood version of this as well with Latifa Queen, which was simply disastrous.

I must say that after watching this movie for 4th or 5th time, the humour doesn’t work as it did for the first two times. But still, it is a very good movie, which should be watched if you haven’t seen it before.

Rating: 5/6 of 6


OK good movie with surprisingly good performance by Vin Diesel. The movie is inspired from real events which took place in US, when various mafia members were sued by the authorities. In that case Vin Diesel’s characters decided to not use a lawyer as defence but rather defend himself in the court. That is one major aspect of the story which also leads to some funny moments.

Rating: 4 of 6