Monday, 10 September 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

Yes yes yes, finally, we got the third movie in the Bourne-series set up at cinema here. And just imagine how excited I was to watch it. (Just for info, the previous two movies in the series are among my favourite movies). The movie was just like as expected. Loaded with good action and suspense thriller. And the background score was again excellent, which is based on the theme of the previous movies.

I must say that the first movie was fuller of story progress than the last two movies. Both the second and third could possibly been one movie. Seen from other point of view, if you have two movies instead of one, there is more fun to watch.

There has been used hand held camera in the movie, and I think that this can be irritating sometime.

Rating: 6/5 of 6

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Anonymous said...

Mmm- An instant classic! A movie in wich the action scenes actually makes sense and becomes something more than merely 'transportation' to the next 'story scene'. Utterly fantastic and great thrill ride of a movie!