Saturday, 28 April 2007


Numerous people have recommended watching the old Don avec Amitabh Bachchan, and finally it was my turn. I found out that mostly of the dialogues in the new Don were from the old Don. Based on this, many people say that the new Don is a copy of the old one. That is a fact, but people may not forget that the director has openly confirmed this fact. He has also said that the new Don is actually the old Don set in the new world, and that was also the reason for the stylish execution of the movie. In addition, the new Don gives feeling of that the story is complicated, which actually is “cool-factor” among today’s youths.

When it comes to rate the old Don, I must say that this is an unfair task. The old was surely very cool compared to the movies in that period. But I prefer the new one better than the old one. Therefore I chose not to rate this movie.

Rating: n/a

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