Sunday, 15 July 2007


Awarapan is again a quality product from the production house of Bhatts. Emran Hasmi has delivered a really hatke and good performance compared to his previous roles where he’s established as a “serial kisser”.

There were some minor faults in the script, but reduced some of the movie watching experience. One or two of the songs are just putted in the movie, and could easily be cut away. Many have already noted it, but it is really important to highlight how good music the movie has. Therefore, the fans of the music appreciate the effort put into making good videos of them.

Rating: 4/5 of 6

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Juveriya Bhutta said...

En av de dårligste filmene jeg har sett ass, sorry ass, helt uenig med deg der. jeg gir den terningkast 2, kun fordi hun første jenta var PEN. Ja, det er den eneste grunnen... :p