Sunday, 23 December 2007

Ute (Out)

Interesting criminal novel from Japan, which came in the end of 90’s. The author, Natsuo Kirino, have won award for this book as well.

The story deals around four women, which also can be regarded as the real desperate housewives. One of them, by accident kills her husband. In order to get rid of the body, her colleagues, the other three women help her. The rest of the story is about the characters, what they think, experience, and what kind of consequences this incident leads to.

The fresh thing with this book is the un-typical end, which I weight a lot. Criminal novels tend to follow a formula kind of concept, where a number of the novels in this genre, more or less, will have the same kind of structure of the story. In this book, you’ll feel that there is a difference. I think that such things help to make a difference between good and average novels. But the length of this novel, 552 pages (Norwegian edition), is not a motivating factor to read this one.

Rating: 4/5 of 6


Anonymous said...

Mmm- Hehe. You don't like books having too many pages? I'm the opposite. 800 pages is great, if the book is any good offcourse.

Adeal said...

Hehe, I think the optimal length of a book is around 400 pages. If it's more than that, it should really have something extra ordinary to offer.