Thursday, 20 March 2008

Children of Men / Menneskenes Barn

When I watched the boring movie Babel, I knew Children of Men isn’t meant for me. But since I had bought it, I had to give it a chance. This chance resulted in just another boring evening with this depressing film. The movie is about the sad future scenario where men on earth have experienced to not give birth to children for 18 years in year 2027. The only reason for that I do not give this movie a rating of one, is its visual effects. Otherwise, it was just a waste of time for me. The movie has got good critics, so it seems like that there people who like this film.

Rating: 2 of 6

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Anonymous said...

Mmm- Er ikke enig med deg i d hele tatt når det gjelder denne gitt! Får en sterk 5'er av meg. Syns denne var spennende, bra historie, bra skuespillere. Og filmen sluttet jo med at det var håp, så syns ikke det ble deprimerende heller.