Wednesday, 17 December 2008


A great action thriller, and actually among one of my favourite movies. It’s made in Los Angeles by American crew, and which helped the makers to give the right atmosphere and visuals. This movie is one of the most legendary action thrillers in the history of bollywood.

The movie is made by Sunjay Gupta who is known for “bollywoodizing” foreign/American movies. Kaante was inspired from Heat and Reservoir Dogs, and actually I liked Kaante better than Reservoir Dogs.

All of the actors have delivered superb performances. Mahesh Manjrekar made his debut as an actor with this movie and impressed a lot. Unfortunately for him, his other acting performances have not been as successful as in this movie.

The climax is executed great, and leaves you with a thought…this can also happen…

Rating: 6 of 6


Mmm said...

You're back. Har du den med engelsk tekst? låne engang?

Adeal said...

Desverre...hakke den lenger på butikken. Den gikk på TVen, så jeg så den der..