Monday, 25 May 2009

Big Fish

A boring fairy tale kind of drama, made by Tim Burton who tends to make strange movies. It’s about Edward Bloom who loves to tell unbelievable stories. His son is tired of this, and doesn't know who his father really is, and he hasn't spoken to his father for years. His son get a call that his father is dying, and he comes home and tries to get know to his father, and then we are told these boring unbelievable stories which are far from reality and full of fairy tale elements. In the ending, we get sort of a moral message about the meaning of fairy tales in life etc. Still, the first 95% of the movie can’t be regarded as good entertainment in my view, and somehow boring!

Despite my disliking, this movie is actually regarded as Top250 movies ever according to

Rating: 2 of 6

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Mmm said...

Jøss, syns du denne var såpass dårlig? syns denne filmen var bra jeg. Gir den kanskje en 5'er.