Friday, 31 July 2009

The Bourne Identity / Hvem var Jason Bourne

The summer is here (at least according to the calendar despite the weather isn’t that summer’ish), and guess what’s on agenda? To watch the Bourne-trilogy again. But this time, I noticed that I have watched this movie too many times because it wasn’t that interesting anymore. In addition, it seems like that the story evolves slowly compared to later movies in this series and today’s action thrillers with lots of clips and high speed. I think that I’ll watch it with the commentaries of the makers next time when I watch it in order to make it more interesting for me.

Still, this movie is a classic piece of work in the field of action thrillers and spy movies, so it will always keep a special place in my list of favourite movies.

I bought this DVD edition as well because it was supposed to include so-called extended and explosive scenes. This is totally crap. This edition only had an alternate non-explosive ending, which wasn’t included in the bonus material of the first edition. And there weren’t any other explosive scenes either.

The previous review of this movie.

Rating: 5 of 6

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