Sunday, 27 December 2009

3 Idiots

3 Idiots is from the makers of Munna Bhai-movies, which have been very successful. 3 Idiots also seems very funny in the trailers, so there weren’t any surprise that it started with a bang at the box office.

The story structure of 3 Idiots reminds of Munna Bhai-movies. These movies had their particular themes, i.e. medicine education and Gandhigiri, and this time it’s about engineering education. Boman Irani is also repeated in a kind of comic negative role. The Munna Bhai-movies were also known for being family movies, which you can watch easily with all members in a family. 3 idiots has moved away from this concept, and is not so family oriented anymore. Some of the ingredients you’ll find is “below the navel”-humour and a birth scene. A number of desi families are (still) not comfortable to watch such things together.

Otherwise, the movie has a number of laughter full moments to offer, and some memorable moments.

Rating: 5 of 6

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