Sunday, 27 December 2009

Avatar (3D)

Avatar is the latest movie adventure James Cameron has to offer to the public. Some lines to put James Cameron in perspective: The guy has given us several remarkable, memorable and huge movies, i.e. The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day (T2), True Lies and Titanic. After Titanic, he has been busy with other projects than commercial movies. Several of his movies have been ground-breaking in terms of technological challenges and inventions. T2 was on its release time the most expensive movie, and the CGI effects were pioneering. Titanic was also the most expensive movie when it was released, and there were rumours that the producers of the movie weren’t that happy with the budget overruns. But the movie also turned out to be one of the most profitable in history.

With such an outstanding CV, James Cameron has to give something extraordinary in his latest adventure, so the question is, has he succeeded with it?

The story deals around that men have found an earth-like moon called Pandora, which is inhabited by a civilisation called Na’vis. Pandora and Na’vis have other set of rules than Earth and men. Men regard them as underdeveloped civilisation which live in forests in harmony with the nature and believe in other kind of religions that we are used to. However, the major reason for why men are interested in Pandora is its stock of a valuable mineral. A corporation has sent military recourses to the Pandora to help them harvest such mineral recourses. On the other hand, there is also doing research on the Pandora. On such research, there has been created so-called Avatars. Avatars are hybrid of men and Na’avis, and it looks like Na’avis, but can be controlled by men. One such Avatar has been sent to Na’avis in order to get known to them, and the rest of the story is about this Avatar and its journey into the world of Pandora and its civilisation.

The movie is a great visual and adventurous journey. The Avatars journey to get known to the planet and its civilisation is well described. The story also reminds us of Americas imperialistic agenda to gain control over the world.

When making the movie, there has also been invested a lot in development of 3D technology to give a good watching experience. The watching experience is cool in 3D. However, you notice the 3D effects in the beginning, but you’ll be busy with the story and other elements of the movie that you’ll lose focus on the 3D effects.

All in all, a cool experience.

Rating: 5 of 6

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