Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Battle of Red Cliff

This is the most expensive Asian-financed film till date, with Chinese roots and made by John Woo. John Woo has made several remarkable and memorable movies, i.e. Mission: Impossible II (M:I-2), Face/Off and Broken Arrow. After some not so successful movies after M:I-2, he has made this record breaking Chinese movie.

The Battle of Red Cliff offers the story of battle of Red Cliffs and events during the end of the Han Dynasty in China in year 208. After watching several breathtaking Chinese movies, I had huge expectations for this movie which fell apart. The movie has several good action sequences and is all right made. But as the director has shown in some of his earlier movies, there is lack of use of feelings, which reduce the involvement of the viewer. However, the most interesting part of the movie was several aspects of strategy, and particularly war strategy.

Rating: 4 of 6


Mmm said...

Orket faktisk ikke se ferdig denne jeg, syns det ble for mange karakterer, for mye snakk og råds møter i pallaset, og vanskelig/kjedelig å følge med rett og slett.

Adeal said...

Joda, for så vidt noe enig. Nå er det noen uker siden jeg så den, og har sett noen filmer i mellomtiden, slik at jeg ikke husker om jeg virkelig ville gi den 3 eller 4 :/


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