Sunday, 7 February 2010


Another action drama based on comic novels. This movie has been appreciated for its treatment of this genre, but for me, just a waste of time! The movie is too lengthy, and the story is uninspiring. However, the visual effects are very good and very similar to 300.

The story is about watchmen, a group of superheroes, and some of them have even retired from their super hero jobs. But now, a killer is going around and killing them, which brings us to the tagline of the movie: Who will save us now? In it self, the plot seems interesting, but the major focus on the drama element in the story telling gives lots of boredom.

The superheroes here have also been given human characters, which probably is inspired by the new Batman and Spiderman movies. But still, the maker of 300 haven’t succeeded to make a movie which appeals to the masses which can watch movies in this genre.

Rating: 2 of 6

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