Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Prison Break 4 – The Final Season

As the title indicates, this is the fourth and final season of Prison Break. After the phenomenal 2nd season, and very well 3rd season, I had high expectations for this season which weren’t fulfilled. The season is full of twists and things happen, but the story makers have put too much in this season. In addition, in one moment, people are enemies, and in the next moment, the same people are partners and friends. Such kind of rapid moves gives the show an unrealistic approach, which in turn is irritating.

It had a very touchy ending (last 5-10 minutes), but it isn’t enough for the overall season to get a better rating. On the other hand, the ending inspired to watch the final movie of this series; Prison Break - The Final Break.

Rating: 4 of 6

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